1. When the original purchase invoice, unlimited power from the purchase of goods eligible for six months from the date of purchase is calculated from the free maintenance; however, maintenance does not include any man-made damage, such as non-normal use / abuse, carelessness, negligence , accidental (percussion, extrusion, surface damage, etc.), incorrect use and so on.

    2. Purchased from Mugen power, all products are entitled to a refund of the purchase date seven days, but the product must be unused, unlimited power to refuse the product has been used alleged refund rights.

    3. Special discounts for our customers who decide to buy a large amount of product, please call +852 2796 6686or E-mail to our customer service department for further inquiries info@mugenpoweronline.com

    4. In the case of dispute, Mugen Power would retain the right of final decision.