About Us

Introduction & History

We | Fattafa Limited | on behalf of brand, Mugen Power, means Performance, Quality and Service to our customers. We deliver a full spectrum of high quality, extended-life batteries for:

Mugen Power batteries
Digital cameras
Pocket Wi-Fis
MP3 players
Portable DVDs
Notebooks & laptops
Personal Media Devices

Nowadays, Mugen Power company also strives to meet the demands of our online customers as well. We continue growth and expansion into new channels with the same relentless pursuit of excellence we have displayed since our inception. In addition, we take into account the many needs of our customers. Our website continues to list the newest quality automatic, outdoor, home appliance accessories and products, as well as items for many other categories.Our pervious success with battery productions follows us as we work to produce new products that meet the growing and evolving needs of our customers. Our commitment to providing quality, safety, personalized customer service and satisfaction continues comes with every guaranteed product.


We have always understood the need of portable device users for more power and have dedicated our resources to develop high-quality products that address those needs.Our network of retailers and distributors is dedicated to provide unmatched services and support so that we separate ourselves from the rest and establish a competitive advantage in a dynamic and competitive market environment.

Our Value

Unlike other firms, we possesses distributing and operations experience over two decades. Our associates are well-versed in all aspects of multiple location management, from budgeting to productivity to establishing and maintaining business partnerships. We take pride in our proven track record for effective multi-tasking while still making sure that customer orders are handled efficiently and promptly. In addition, Mugen Power has experience with custom and redesign services, especially with batteries. Our team has handled many project orders and orders for the public sector and other organizations.Mugen Power’s products have been tested carefully by our experienced team. Mugen Power supporting team

Mugen Power supporting team

Fattafa Limited