【How to Maintain Lithium Battery】

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Unnecessary over charge for new batteries. Unlike common Ni-CD or Ni-MH batteries, most lithium ion batteries are activated before leaving the factory. it’s unnecessary to charge lithium ion batteries for a 12 hours long time when it still new.

Appropriate chargers. Many people take great care with their electronic gadgets, but often neglect the consequences of bad chargers on their lithium ion batteries. A high quality charger that has an overcharge protection function.

Avoid frequently over charging.
 Over charging with a low quality charger may causes battery's interior rise to a high temperature, which is bad for the lithium ion battery and charger. Thus, simply fully charging is much better than overcharging.

Avoid touching metal contacts.
Do not let the contacts touch metal objects such as keys; this could cause a short circuit, damaging the battery even worst resulting in a fire or an explosion.


Avoid using often in high or low temperature environments. Lithium ion batteries have optimal working and storage temperatures. Extreme temperature environments may negatively affect battery use time and useful cycles.


Avoid long periods without using or recharging. If batteries will be left unused for 3 months or more, partially recharge them (to around 30-70% of capacity, depending on planned storage time), then store the device to prevent battery damage. You may need to take the device out of storage and charge again after a few months.

Avoid instantly uses lithium ion batteries after being fully charged. Temperatures can be very high when batteries are new recharged. Immediately using, it will rise the gadget’s internal temperature, that will negatively affect the device's components.


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