【Which Bluetooth headphone is good for you】

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【Which Bluetooth headphone is good for you】

Choosing the right Bluetooth headset seem simple, but it actually has some Knack for you to pick the good one.


1. Call Quality
Call quality is a problem in both directions; a pair of headphones earpiece sounds crisp, but then transmits your voice thin, computerized-sounding vision while you are talking to people.


2. Noise Cancellation
Noise suppression is quiet hard to measure, because it is very important to hear the other side. How well you can hear when you are speeding the car with the window down, or the noisy of conference room.


3. Battery Life
If you do not want to charge, go big. Some heavy, not too stylish headset, can last more than 10 hours on a single charge. We‘ve got an earbuds play time test which can long last for 7 hours music plays. Highly recommend U5


4. Comfort
This is a very personal choice. I think it creates a secure fit without being too tight when sit on the edge of your ear.


5. Style
Everyone love cool looking, I think no one want to make yourself silly when you walking down the street, even when not in use. Just treat it a special decoration of your dressing.


6.  Range
Most headphones limited theoretical range of 33 feet, this is a limitation of Bluetooth technology. Under normal circumstances, you can go to a good 10-15 feet hiccups before gaps and hiccups start to creep in.


7. Price
A great top Bluetooth headset can up to $99, but You can still find a decent headset at $ 50, and sometimes you can find a really good, at this price, because the headphones tend to stay in the retail channel for a very long time after they are discontinued.


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