【Tips for checking your laptop battery】

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【Tips for checking your laptop battery】

What to know if your laptop battery good enough? First go to the Energy Saver system preferences and click the option to preview the battery status in the menu bar. You will find the power source and estimated charge time remaining. Additional, it links to the system preferences opening. Hold the Option key when opening the menu and you will see a condition option appear that will let you know the health status of your battery.

There are some s you may face! 

- Normal - The battery should hold ample charge and working properly.
- Replace Soon - even though it holds less than its original capacity, the battery should allow you to work. 
- Replace immediately - the battery will not hold enough charge to give you decent work time
- Service Battery -- the battery is experiencing an error (regardless of any possibilities) that could result in an unstable ability. While it should continue to function, we recommend you to repair

 System Information utility (available by generating a full-system report in the about this Mac dialog box in the Apple menu). Select the Power section in the generated report, the charge and health information of the batteries will be shown
The number of charge cycles your battery is capable of will vary between 300 and 1,000 depending on the system you own, In general, the battery should be at least several years of life, but this will be various for each system. You can look up the estimated maximum charge cycle count for your system



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